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Fine lines and wrinkles are an inevitable part of aging. But, with the help of Dr. Gene Krishingner Jr. at Laser & Aesthetics Studio of Winter Park, residents in central Florida can get radiant, younger-looking skin. Using the Tempsure™ Envi radiofrequency treatment to stimulate the production of collagen, you can fight signs of aging with no recovery time needed. Tempsure is pain-free and noninvasive, allowing you to quickly return to your day. Schedule an appointment online or by calling Dr. Krishingner’s office to learn more about Tempsure and how it can rejuvenate your skin.

Tempsure Q & A

What is Tempsure?

As you age, you may start to notice fine lines and wrinkles developing in your face, a sign of your skin losing collagen. Using Tempsure Envi, Dr. Krishingner can give you younger-looking skin in minutes.

Using radiofrequency technology and high temperatures, the Tempsure pen firms up your skin, which naturally fills in wrinkles and rejuvenates your skin.

How does Tempsure work?

Tempsure uses heat and radiofrequency waves to stimulate collagen production in your skin. Dr. Krishingner applies a gel to your skin and massages the Tempsure wand over the area. The wand will heat up as it works, which helps the waves penetrate the different layers of the skin and encourage new collagen production.

What are the benefits of Tempsure?

Some benefits of using Tempsure are:

  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pain-free and noninvasive procedure
  • Can be done in Dr. Krishingner’s office
  • Requires no recovery time

Part of Tempsure’s appeal is its comfort level. While you may experience warmth in the area Dr. Krishingner is working on, it's not uncomfortable, and it may even feel pleasant.

Tempsure treatments can finish in about 20 minutes, making it easy for you to do over lunch or after work. Do it over lunch, for example, and since there is no recovery period, you can return to work immediately without anyone even knowing you had the treatment.

When will I see results from my Tempsure treatment?

Since Tempsure stimulates the production of collagen, the cells that give your skin its firmness, it can take a full cycle to notice results. Immediately after treatment, you may notice that wrinkles are less noticeable. While that might not last for long right away, don’t worry: You will see full results soon.

It typically takes 3-4 weeks for new collagen to generate, firming up your skin and eliminating or reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dismiss signs of aging with a Tempsure treatment. Call Dr. Krishingner’s office or schedule an appointment online to take the first steps towards having healthier, younger-looking skin.