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Chemical Peels - The 411.

What  is a Chemical  Peel?

A chemical  peel is an accelerated  form of exfoliation, induced  by a chemical agent that improves  the appearance of your skin. Chemical  Peels are popular cosmetic treatments that  are safe, comfortable and quick!

How does  it work?

Peels are effective and have professionally  blended combinations of Glycolic, Lactic, and Salicylic acids.  Each peel is perfectly customized to each individual client. The  naturally occurring acids (AHA’s & BHA’s) are used to exfoliate the  skin. These acids are able to penetrate to the deeper layers, and boost  collagen production. This allows the top layer of dead skin to peel off.   So yes, there actually is a “peeling” process post-­ÔÇÉtreatment that in the end  will reveal, plumper, tighter, and less damaged looking skin!

What’s the process  like?

Chemical peels can be done during a monthly facial, or alone! Your skin care   provider simply applies a chemical solution to your skin, you may feel a warm tingly sensation,  and 2-5 minutes later you’re done! Your new skin will have a more even tone, less wrinkles and  fine lines all with minimal downtime! Post peel you could be red for several hours, and the amount  of peeling varies with each client and can last usually around 2-­7 days. Generally 4-­8 peels every  14-­30 days (or as required) are needed for optimal results. With our peels at Laser and Aesthetics  Studio, we are able to treat the following skin concerns:

All treatments  should be complemented with  a professional home care regimen   from SkinCeuticals, to enhance and maintain  your results.

NOTE: It is important to avoid overexposure to the sun immediately after, a chemical peel since the new skin is fragile and more susceptible to injury.    *Individual results may vary.

Brittni Zotti

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